Projects completed during the financial year 2020-21
    • Development Work of Chinnan vila colony
    • Development Work of Therikkavila colony
    • Development Works at Bhaskar nagar colony
    • Development works of Khan Mundaykal SC colony
    • Development works of Kuzhiyam SC colony
    • Development works of Nilamel SC colony
    • Development works of Randamchira SC colony
    • Development works of Azhamgal SC colony
    • Development works at Koliyakode colony
    • Development works of Chennilode SC colony
    • Development works Kokkod vayalarikathu SC Colony
    • Development works of Harvipuram SC colony
    • Development work of Sasthamnada SC colony
    • Development work of Vengavila SC colony
    • Development works of Puliyarakonam, Kaypadakkonam, Varkala SC colony
    • Development work EP SC colony
    • Development works of Poozhikunnu SC colony
    • Development work of Pullachalkonnam SC colony
    • Development work of Erumala SC colony
    • Renovation and Construction work toilet at ITD cell, Thozhil Bhavan
    • Construction of Academic block survey training institute at ILDM PTP Nagar
    • Roofing, plumbing, interlocking, maintenance works at KITE, poojappura
    • Renovation works at Employment Training Directorate, Thozhil Bhavan
    • Palod career development center
    • Construction of Entrance porch and interlocks works at Labour complex
    • Construction of flag post, records room and dining area at Tranvancore Cochin medical
    • Maintenance works at Vamanapuram village office
    • Maintenance works at Vembayam village office
    • Storage unit work OBC directorate
    • Interior work OBC directorate
    • Police Control room, Venjaramoodu
    • Oxygen plant at Medical College Hospital, Trivandrum
    • Interior works at MGRTCS (Training Room & Control Room)

    Current Projects
    • Development Works of Sivapuram Ambedkar Gramam
    • Development works of Puruthippara SC colony
    • Development works of Karkkakathu SC colony’
    • Development works at Madhavapuram colony
    • Maintenance work of Vengod Thonnaykal colony
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  • Office of the Nirmithi Kendra, B Block, 4th Floor, Civil Station, Kudappanakunnu, Thiruvananthapuram.

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District Nirmithi Kendra is an accredited agency with District Collector as Chairman and RDO/Sub Collector as Member Secretary and has been functioning since 1988..... more

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  • We give you our expertise and offer problem-solving
  • Model based cost estimation
  • Preconstruction project visualisation
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